Tutorial Centers

In certain regions, it has become very difficult and potentially dangerous to gather our campers to minister to them. In His wisdom, God has directed us to a creative path of ministry for these areas. LCMI started tutorial centers in 2022, opening the first center in North India. In 2023, it is our goal to open 30 more tutorial centers in India and Nepal. As of April 2023, 10 centers have already been approved. It is our prayer that this aspect of the Creative Access Initiative will create an environment for the children’s ongoing discipleship, five days a week.

Tutorial centers are like a private tutoring club, where students and our campers can gather after school with a tutor to receive personal help with homework and academic studies. For many Asian children and their parents, education is of utmost importance so we see this as a great opportunity to connect with our campers and children in these areas on a daily basis.

Educators for these centers will be from our own team who are qualified to teach academics along with the Gospel. Of course, there will be a snack provided each day! These tutorial centers are free and accessible to everyone. We pray that LCMI can be a light in these dark places and that it will give our campers a safe place to continue growing in their relationship with Him and learning about our Lord and His word. Please pray for lasting fruit through this program and safety for all involved.