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No events. We appreciate your prayers for ongoing ministry.

Monthly Camp Calendar

December 2023 Ministry Schedule

December Prayer Calendar

December 1 – 10
1 Mobile Camp in Sri Lanka
1 Mobile Camp in North India

4 Parents Seminars in Sri Lanka
1 Parents Seminar in North India

2 Follow Up Visits in Sri Lanka

December 11 – 31
1 Mobile Camp in Sri Lanka
1 Mobile Camp in East India

1 Parents Seminar in Sri Lanka
2 Parents Seminars in East India

All ministry has been cancelled in Cambodia since the beginning of Covid-19 and has not resumed. Because of several hurdles, including the fact that LCMI does not have missionaries in Cambodia, the LCMI board made a decision to focus our energies in the countries where the Lord is opening doors, such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Ministry in the undisclosed nation has resumed since Covid-19 but at a slower pace. Follow up ministry and parents seminars have begun. Please pray for the camps to resume in His time and will. We appreciate your ongoing prayers for all our campers and our team on the ground. Thank you!