Life Change Ministries exists to help children and teens See, Know, and Experience the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way.

Christian Camping is a major part of LCMI’s ministry to the children of India and Asia. LCMI operates camps in order to reach children and families in different locations and from a variety of backgrounds.

Mobile Camps

These 3-day camps are conducted in rural and tribal areas to reach the unreached people. LCMI staff travel to these locations to facilitate camps, reaching children and families in the area. We work in partnership with our mobilizers, the local pastors and churches. This is a core value of LCMI - to strengthen the local church in the process of ministry. Mobile camps are conducted year-round throughout India and Asia. They are open to all children who wish to participate.

At all of our camps, Bible Teaching and Missions Class are the two primary areas of emphasis. Every year, we have a camp theme that focuses on an important topic. In 2023, the camp theme is “Do You Want To Be Successful?” We encourage campers to redefine success in a biblical way and focus on the plans God has for their lives. In addition to spiritual teaching, we educate campers to be good people who contribute to their community. We also offer electives that children everywhere enjoy, such as music, sports, and crafts.

Many of our campers come from poor families, and going to camp gives them an opportunity to hear the Gospel and biblical truths, to be encouraged and loved in a safe environment, and to be nourished with three meals a day and snacks that they may not otherwise have.

Our passion and our purpose is to reach children with God’s Word and to lead them into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Christian camping is a powerful way to build relationships and to connect children and families in India and Asia with the Gospel.


Follow up visits are a crucial part of LCMI’s ministry and the discipleship of our campers. LCMI missionaries and mobilizers visit our campers to check on them. There is a devotion and worship time and a snack is provided. Parents sometimes attend with their children. During these visits, our team gets to know our campers personally and offers an opportunity for the children to freely share about their lives.

It is our desire to see our campers plugged into the local church so they are being discipled and continue to grow in the Lord. Some campers are not allowed to attend or live far away from the local church, making these follow up visits the only church they are able to participate in. Our team of missionaries, mobilizers, and camp counselors represent the Church to these children who may be in difficult circumstances. By God’s grace, we are able to conduct follow up visits throughout the year.