$40,878.00 Raised

LCMI is excited to launch our 24-hour online fundraiser this year: Until All Hear! 2022

The Until All Hear! campaign represents who we are as an organization. The mountains in the logo remind us of the challenge to continue to proclaim and herald the life-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the hope that we have in Him. Our God-given desire is that all children in India and Asia hear the Gospel and this mission is not done yet.

The fundraiser will take place on Tuesday, November 29th, from 12:01 am until 11:59pm; right here on the LCMI website. We praise God for a few faithful LCMI ministry partners, who have pledged a matching gift of up to $65,000! We are humbled by our Lord’s continued faithful provision.

We are trusting God to provide the remaining 41% of our yearly ministry budget called the Reaching Children Fund. Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated.

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Ishwer (Andaman Islands)
I attended this camp and learned so many things, like crafts and tools, drama, and dance. This is the first time I attended this kind of camp. From the Bible class, I learned that our God is a true God. He came to this world and gave his life for us because He loved us. He doesn't want us to go to hell. He wants to save us. I learned that God chose us and he has a purpose for us. When we hear God's voice, God changes our lives. Now, I want to follow him. Pray for me.

Kusum (North India)
I thank God for this camp. Here, I heard about Paul and Sadhu Sundar Singh. I learned that the day Sundar Singh came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, his purpose became to bring others to experience the same grace and peace that he had. Today I also want to stand firm in the Lord no matter whatever difficulties I may face and share the unconditional love of God.

Satyanarayana (South India)
I have never participated in a camp like this before but it was such a blessing. At this camp, I learned how to pray and share my problems with God. My faith grew through the lessons I heard here. I met new brothers in Christ and want to participate in more camps. And I really enjoyed the meals that were provided. (Special Needs Camps sometimes includes adults)

Bhima (Nepal)
This parents seminar blessed me and touched me. I've heard that only by accepting Jesus can a husband and wife have a blessed life. I'm really looking forward to implementing those seven tips for raising godly children. We should teach our kids the Bible because only the Bible can changes people's lives and give them hope. When we as parents teach our children God's word, they will understand their purpose, who created them, and why He made humans, and they will fear and glorify God.

Pastor Bakiyanathan (South India)
Hole in the Church Seminar was wonderful and eye-opening. I have met several children with special needs during my ministry so far, but not with this vision and these ideas. I am so blessed with the new clarity of God's Word which was spoken to me today. I thank the founder, Rev. Sanjay, for his great dedication and hard work. I am praying for the future of this vision too. I have a greater concern for special needs children because I was born mute but through God's merciful miracle, I am able to speak now. So after this, I want to integrate more people with special needs into our church for His glory. Thank you for coming and reminding us about this forgotten vision.