Project 61

In India, many women spend their lives as second-class citizens, even when they’re educated and successful. Estimates say that between 600,000 and 800,000 Indian children and young women are trafficked across international borders each year and that 25% of Indian girls will suffer sexual abuse before they reach the age of eighteen.

The goal of Project 61, which takes its name from Isaiah 61:3 “ bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes....” is to lay a biblical foundation and teach our campers about everyone’s value in the eyes of our Creator regardless of gender. We also teach a Godly model for relationships before marriage, and God’s design for marriage. We discuss purity in the sight of the Lord, and how to overcome scars in our lives and be fully restored in Him. Our heart is to raise a generation of young people who will honor God in their relationships and carry these eternal values over into their own families.

This is not an easy task because unbiblical male dominance over women is a deeply ingrained belief within many parts of Indian culture. Project 61 is making progress in our pursuit of this goal, and these testimonies from young people show how these young men and women are growing in their love for God, His values, and in respect for each other:

Testimonies from Boy Campers:

(names have been changed for protection)

Before coming to this camp, I was very arrogant and proud to be a boy. I showed no respect towards my sisters and mother. But in this camp through Project 61, I learned about the heart of God towards them and I have decided to love and respect them.


I used to physically abuse (beat) my sister but through Project 61, I learned that we both are equal. Now I decided to respect her and show concern towards her.


Before coming to this camp, I was just attending Church. But, after coming to this camp for the first time, I learned completely about salvation and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Through Project 61, I decided to respect girls.

Salim (Muslim boy)

I had a wrong motive towards girls, but thanks to Project 61, I learned that what I was doing was wrong. Today, I decided to respect girls.


Testimonies from Girl Campers:

(names have been changed for protection)

I learned how to behave with the boys. Project 61 has helped me to learn to respect our elders.


By Project 61, I learned how to overcome temptation. I found this subject very useful.


I learned many things from Project 61. I learned how to face my personal problem through prayer.


Project 61 taught me, how to face problems with boys and overcome by prayer.


God made women and men in His image, and He expects men and women to respect and love each other. Project 61 is teaching young men and women in India how God expects them to love each other as He loves us.