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Short Term Ministry

Our vision is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children and families in India and Asia. By serving on a short term team, you can help immensely in this mission. When you serve, you will experience your host country in a way that you never could as a tourist.

We offer the opportunity to engage in global missions through discipling children at LCMI camps.

Through our short term missions program, we train volunteers and prepare them to serve overseas in Asia, encouraging and teaching children and families on the mission field. This short term ministry has a long term impact.

We invite you to join us in sharing the Gospel in India and Asia!

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There are a wide variety of opportunities for short termers looking to serve overseas. We offer 10+ day trips (one or two camps) for short term ministry. Below are various ways you can serve at an LCMI camp:


  • Bible Class
  • Missions Class

Elective Classes

  • Music Class
  • Sports Class
  • Outdoor Games
  • Crafts


  • Photography
  • Videography


  • Camp Counselor
  • Worship Team
  • Instrumental
  • Drama
  • Mime
  • Puppetry

Medical (Special Needs Camps)

  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Dentist
  • Physical Therapist

Starting Your Journey

We help each short term team organize their travel logistics, and provide team training to cover the practical, spiritual, cultural, and relational aspects of missions overseas. Teams will work alongside LCMI staff, investing in the lives of children and families. We also conduct a debriefing at the end of the trip.

If you are interested in more information on any potential short term trips, please contact us at Individual team members may mail an application to Life Change Ministries International, PO Box 187, Ephrata, PA 17522. Do not apply for an international visa or solicit donations before your application is approved.

The following is required for a short term trip with LCMI:

  1. An approved application
  2. Background clearances for working with children
  3. Training sessions with LCMI

Short-Term Testimonies

Get a glimpse of LCMI’s short-term camping ministry…

I first became familiar with LCMI many years ago through friends attending our church. There are many great mission agencies around the world, but this one I have seen from the ground up and the inside out. God continues to expand the reach of this ministry while providing all that the ministry has needed to fulfill the tasks that the Lord has directed them to. The Lord granted me the opportunity to go to India and Nepal on two separate mission trips with LCMI. The spiritual maturity, zeal and self-sacrifice of the brothers and sisters serving with LCMI from those two countries is a testimony to God’s supply! It is also a reflection on the leadership provided by Sanjay as he carefully evaluates, trains, encourages and establishes the men and women that God brings to the ministry. In India the week we were there all of the young counselors volunteering their time to work with the boys were former LCMI campers themselves. What a testimony! Blessed to be a blessing! I wholeheartedly encourage you to ask the Lord how you can be a part of this mission effort.

– Rick

So here are some of my impressions and thoughts: God’s Holy Spirit is beautifully seen in His people even though language barriers and jet lag try to disorient… The local church, where we were at, although small, has a God-given heart for its community. Their love was evident! The children were curious, joyful and enthusiastic. They were very well mannered. The LCMI Team reflected Christ to the camp kids. They were full of fun energy and very well organized. I loved watching them sit with the kids in their small groups and lead Christ centered discussions. What a privilege to be a part of this mission!! Praising God!

– Lora Walters

I was amazed by how God worked through our team and the team from LCMI to reach the hearts of the children during the mobile camp. The children were so excited to learn about Christ and how they can have a relationship with Him! Praise God for LCMI and their ministry!

– Dave Barletta

It was truly amazing how everyone worked together in harmony. The end result is the work of the Holy Spirit, but I can imagine lives being changed.

– Terry VanArsdale

It is always a blessing to worship the Lord with fellow believers from different parts of the world. The unity we have through the Lord Jesus Christ is always an amazing supernatural blessing and something that the world can simply not understand. Our Christian brothers and sisters in Nepal were very hospitable and gracious towards us. I was very encouraged to see the enthusiasm for learning about Jesus from the children we worked with in Nepal and I am thankful they put up with my singing. We were blessed by the care and shepherding we received from the LCMI staff. They are very kind and professional people. They planned things very well and were gracious towards us as we dealt with the many things that are different in Nepal... I pray that the Gospel may go forward in Nepal, calling many to salvation. May God protect the brave Christian people and pastors in Nepal as people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

– Paul Younger

It was a tremendous privilege to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the pastors, parents, and children of Nepal. It was my special joy to participate in the Pastor's training where the team was blessed to teach approximately 50 pastors on Christian doctrine, Expositional Preaching, and other topics. The joy in worship, learning God's Word, and the pastors' asking solid questions blessed my heart abundantly. May our Lord bless and use our Nepali pastors in a mighty way for the Glory of God and the good of His people.

– Jason Hoy

I keep thinking of two words about the trip: Humbled and Effective. I felt humbled by the dear brothers and sisters at the church who gave their time to hear what we had to say at the parents conference and then entrusted their children to us for Bible teaching and activities at the Mobile Camp. I was also immensely humbled that 40-50 Nepali pastors gave their time, some of them traveling many hours by bus, to hear us teach fundamental Gospel truths from God's Word. It also gave me joy in Christ to see how effective LCMI's ministry is and how effectively we were used as a short-term-missions team by Sanjay and his team. The Tailoring Center, for which we had the privilege to participate in the grand opening, is a practical and effective way to be Gospel light in the community, in the Mobile Camp the Gospel was spoken directly to the 100 or so children there, and in the Pastors Conference, we taught fundamental, theological truths from God's Word that I think will confirm and strengthen the pastors' teaching to other brothers and sisters from the region. I praise the Lord for being able to participate on this trip and I pray we were a help to LCMI.

– Bill Walters

Before July of 2023, when I thought of the country of Nepal, I thought of majestic mountains, crazy highways…. and beautiful people. Then this mission opportunity opened up…and a personal journey began where God spoke to me in many ways. I learned that mission work is possible even when there is a language barrier and that beautiful connections can be made in the name of Jesus. The Gospel and our personal stories about Jesus can be shared across languages and cultures. The personal highlight for me was sharing personal stories with couples, making eye contact with folks and feeling God’s Word become meaningful to them. We don’t always have that response even when we are speaking the same language; yet my experience in Nepal showed me that the Holy Spirit will move and work when I step out of my comfort zone... God’s kingdom is growing!

– Sue Artiachi

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