CDC Ministry

LCMI’s first Community Development Center was opened in February, 2014 in a small village in South India.

The purpose of Community Development Centers is twofold. The goal is to train women in a practical way so that they may be able to use that skill to generate income for their families. In addition, CDC is an avenue to share the Gospel with all women who attend.

The Community Development Centers are run by some of our ministry team members who train the women in practical sewing and tailoring skills to equip them to begin supporting themselves. We do daily devotions at our tailoring centers and our staff often become close friends with these women in such a way that the women are willing to share personal cares with the staff and receive spiritual guidance from them, by the grace of God.

The CDC training course is 4 months long, and we offer this course up to three times each year. Before women graduate, they are evaluated on basic sewing skills, the ability to create and modify clothing patterns, and on the pieces they have created during the course of their training. LCMI changes the CDC locations after the planned courses are completed, so as not to flood an area with trained seamstresses.

LCMI has also expanded the reach of CDC by partnering with another organization to bring the Gospel to women in North India, an area where ministry can be much more difficult. Many women are being reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the various CDC initiatives, and we praise God for how He is moving in these women’s lives and in their families!