Family Camps

Family Camps in Cambodia

Children in Cambodia unfortunately face a range of threats to their protection including exploitation, sex trafficking and violence. Due to these concerns, starting in 2019, LCMI has had the privilege of holding the first family camp in Cambodia, where whole families are invited to learn about the Lord together. Parents are instructed with topics such as “Secrets to Building a Godly Marriage”, “Raising Godly Children” and “The Role of Prayer in a Christian Marriage” while their children enjoy the normal camp activities simultaneously in the same location.

Contrary to some Asian countries there are no restrictions for Christian activities in Cambodia. It has been our experience to witness various Christian organizations functioning in Cambodia without any hurdles from the government officials. In our context, we needed to be careful to not gather the children on their own but have them together with the parents which has been a wonderful leading from the Lord for our LCMI ministry vision.