Parents Seminar

When we heard our campers sharing about their alcoholic fathers and troubled homes, we knew that we prayerfully had to do something about it. Many of our campers return to homes without Christ and do not have any form of Christian influence. We wanted to help build a home environment that was ideal for discipleship and growth in our campers’ new relationships with God. Parent seminars were born out of that vision of reaching children and their families holistically and reinforcing the Gospel truth they heard at camp.

The goal of the parent seminars is to bring the Gospel to parents to enable them to play an active role in discipleship of their children. LCMI ministers to parents through these seminars to guide, encourage, equip, and bring whole families to Jesus Christ through His Word. Our goal is to conduct a parents’ seminar at every mobile camp and share the Gospel in order to strengthen entire family units in the ways of the Lord and help create environments of love, respect, commitment, and longevity in family relationships.

As their children participate in camp activities, parents are gathered together to hear teachings on Biblical parenting and marriage. In these seminars we discuss how to build and maintain healthy, Gospel centered marriages marked by mutual love and respect and how to raise godly children, "train[ing] up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it."" (Proverbs 22:6)

There is also a Q&A session to allow parents to ask any pressing concerns anonymously and give the LCMI team the chance to help bring direction and hope to strained and desperate personal situations. Poverty, abuse, and alcoholism are common problems in many families, and LCMI seeks to bring the Light and share the love and power of Jesus Christ.

By ministering to both parents and children, we have gotten the chance to see parents encouraged and families changed by the Holy Spirit through these seminars.