I used to read the Bible just as a tradition, but I never meditated on the word of God keenly. After coming to this camp, I learned what the Bible is, its history and authors, and how to read it. I realized that I had been reading the Bible incorrectly. But now I understand that the Bible is the Word of God that speaks to us and helps us to walk on the right path. The prayer elective class also helped me learn about the five fingers of prayer. Until now no one taught us these things. The main thing I learned is about the life of Sadhu Sundhar Singh. I am really surprised at how he lived for God. After listening to his story, I decided to live like him for Jesus. Thank you.

Jaison (Mobile Camps - South India)

I am studying in high school. I have attended many vocational Bible schools at different churches but this camp was totally different from them. This camp impacted me greatly. I was truly blessed through the life of William Carey. Even though he went through so many struggles, he never gave up on God's work. I also learned about three secrets to success.

Krupa (Mobile Camps - Andaman Islands)

This was my 2nd LCMI camp. I accepted Jesus at my 1st camp but my parents were Hindu so they forced me to attend the Hindu temple. That's why I couldn’t come to church but I like Jesus. When I heard about this camp, I felt very happy because my parents won’t allow me to attend church alone but they will allow me to attend a special meeting like camp. I enjoyed these 3 days of camp so much and learned about what it means to be truly successful in life biblically. I rededicated myself to the Lord. Please pray for me to take a stand for Jesus.

Parvathi (Mobile Camps - Andaman Islands)

I learned that love, faith, and obedience towards God is the most important thing in our life, along with working hard. I didn’t read the word of God regularly but at camp I learned that reading and meditating on the Scriptures daily will guide us on the path of God and help us resist temptation. From today onwards I will also read the Bible daily and also follow the five finger prayer tips.

Abhishek (Mobile Camps - East India)

Praise the Lord, what great joy I have. These three days at camp, I learned so many good habits and I will try to change my bad habits that God doesn’t like. I am a creation of God, if I obey His word I will be a successful person in the world. Thank you all for teaching me these things. I enjoyed all your activities and your Godly love towards each one of us. Pray for my family to get salvation. Thank you.

Akilan (Mobile Camps - South India)

In this camp, I’ve learned that God has a purpose for my life and He alone can help us to know it. I learned about the Bible being the living Word of God. Also I learned more about Jesus. I learned that I should pray for my elders, my teachers, and my friends. The life of Sadhu Sundar Singh has touched my heart - how much he struggled in his very early age, but he continued to follow Jesus. Today I also want to be like Sadhu Sundar Singh and Paul, please pray for me.

Sagor (Mobile Camps - Bangladesh)

I am excited that I got to learn about Christian sacrifice, obedience, love for God, and Christian living from our Bible class for three days. I was encouraged by the story of William Carey. He came to India and learned many languages there and translated the Bible. From his story, I decided that I will work for the Lord. So I am praying that the Lord will give me wisdom to do His work. I want to help people that have not yet heard about Jesus. So I would like to thank our teachers who came from so far and arranged this mobile camp for us. Thank you.

Asim (Mobile Camps - Nepal)

I was really very happy to be a participant in this camp for the first time and enjoyed all the activities very much. The songs, dances, word of God, and stories which were taught touched my heart and were very encouraging to me. Before I attended this camp, my thought was just to participate only for the first day. But after attending the first day of camp I liked it very much so on the second day I canceled my class and joined for the second day of camp also. The story of William Carey and his ministry taught us about persistence through times of struggle in life.

Shristhika (Mobile Camps - Sri Lanka)

I am grateful to God for allowing me to attend this wonderful camp. I had fun with my new friends and played various games. We learned new songs and crafts from the counselors. On the last day of camp, I made the decision to learn plumbing work, work hard, and rely on God, and I was very sad to leave my camp friends. I was very happy to be a part of the camp. Please keep me in your prayers.

Rajesh (SNC Camper - South India)

I have a deformity in my hand. I am working in a garments shop. When I came to this camp, everything was so different than what I thought. I could listen to God's word and the songs which helped me to know the hope we have in Jesus. Hygiene class was so helpful to all of us. And the meals we received here also gave us the confidence that there are people who love and care for us. Thank you!

Bathma (SNC Camper - South India)

I am Usha and this is my daughter Thanusri. This is my second time coming to this camp. And for this one year God has kept my daughter in good health. Again I was able to learn about the Lord more. Now my husband and I are trusting God who gives us peace and joy. We had good snacks and food for our children and for us too.

Thanusri (SNC Camper - South India)

As I came here, I really felt peace and joy in my heart. I enjoyed songs, learned about God's goodness and miracles through God's word, and testimonies of the Brothers. They provided good snacks and food which no one had given us. Moreover they showed the way to reach God. Thank you for this chance. And I am so happy to get rice bags and fresh vegetables also. Thank you.

Mohan (SNC Camper - South India)

My friend invited me to come to this camp. By coming here I have heard new songs and hymns. It made me happy and all those were new for me. We made crafts and played together here but the hymns touched my heart . In Bible class I have heard about Jesus Christ and know He is the Saviour for mankind. So after hearing this, I believe in Jesus as the Saviour for me.

Arjun (SNC Camper - Nepal)

Lovely greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ! I really am so glad to be part of this mobile camp to attend this parents meeting where I could learn God's word. We learned about family management and how to guide our family according to the word of God, the importance of teaching our children the Biblical principles, rules, and precepts to follow and guiding them in God's truth. I have decided to follow the footprints of Jesus and to lead our people to the same so that Christ may be glorified. Thank You!

Nutan (Parents Seminar - Andaman Islands)

I thank God for this program through which our children and we parents came to know how deeply God loves us. For every parent, nothing could be more joyous than seeing their own sons & daughters learning valuable lessons which will mold them into a better person. My prayer is that I may be able to help my children to implement what they have learned and experience the grace and blessing of God.

Anand (Parents Seminar - East India)

Today as parents, we are so concerned to make sure that our children rapidly grow in academic performance but through this program, I understood that increasing the true knowledge of God is equally important for our children. As a mother, it’s my job to make sure that my children grow in the favor of the Lord. I will be the first to practice every positive behavior which encourages my family members to follow as well as become a supportive helper to my husband and learn to appreciate him.

Alina (Parents Seminar - Northeast India)

I have learned many good lessons through this seminar. I felt very happy to participate in this seminar and the pastor taught us very clearly how we should live our family life in a spiritual way. I'm a person who is addicted to alcohol, and while I was listening to the pastor's preaching I was touched by the words and realized the mistakes I have made and confessed my sins to God. Thank you for teaching me the good news of hope. God has touched my life through this seminar. All Glory to God!

Anuravijaycone (Parents Seminar - Sri Lanka)

I belong to a Hindu family. We know that there is a God but we don’t know how powerful our God is. Heartfelt thanks to the teachers who came from far away to teach us and our children. I observed my son and daughter enjoying the teaching and growing in true knowledge which is so necessary and helpful for them at this very young age. Today I learned as parents that we need to be the first to instruct our children in the ways of God and surely I will try to do so.

Dipali (Parents Seminar - Bangladesh)

Recently we started coming to this church. My older son is disabled. The pastor encouraged me to join this seminar and it was truly a blessing to me. I was challenged with the teaching and learned so many things about how to raise a child and received help with my child's disability. I cried so many times but now I am feeling better and encouraged when I heard God's word.

Kuma (Parents Seminar - South India)

We're so grateful to God for the blessings throughout this seminar. Today we had a good sermon on how we can build the kingdom of God through children’s ministry. We were very excited to hear about the children’s camp and the ministry among children with disabilities. Indeed I could say that this starting point will lead us to a huge harvest among children. It is also a great opportunity to reach non-Christian children through the Word of God. We will be praying continually for this ministry.

Pastor Sugath (Hole in the Church Seminar - Sri Lanka)

I praise God from my heart for today's teaching on children's ministry. We were really blessed with this seminar on how we can share the Gospel with children. Through this seminar, I realized that there are no differences among children who are either talented or untalented, strong or weak, healthy or unhealthy, all the children are special in God's sight and they are God's children. From the beginning of this seminar, I felt really blessed and touched through the word of God. I understood the importance of children and that we have a great mission to guide them more in Jesus. I also learned from this seminar about children with disabilities and how to take care of them and integrate them into our church.

Pastor Budhika (Hole in the Church Seminar - Sri Lanka)

Today’s seminar was really a big blessing to me. We learned about the hole in the church. When I first heard the title, I didn't understand what the team was going to preach about, and was a bit confused about what "Hole in the Church" meant. Later, I understood that the team was speaking about children with disabilities. Until now, I never thought to preach the Gospel to children with disabilities. But today in this seminar, God spoke to me about these children and about their souls. Most pastors ignore people with disabilities, but today I was encouraged and made the decision to preach the Gospel to people with disabilities.

Pastor Kiran (Hole in the Church Seminar - South India)