My life has been changed from the Bible class, and God spoke with me that those with genuine faith go through trials. Before I came to this camp, I used to live like a nominal Christian but from now on I decided to live for Jesus.

Manisha (Nepal)

Before I came to this camp, I used to have fear of my friends and couldn’t say no to them when they encouraged me to do wrong. However now I know that we should not fear anyone, as God is with us all the time, but should only fear God.

Rojan (undisclosed nation)

I learned about this mobile camp from the local pastor. One of the best things I learned in these three days of camp is about true faith in God and if we have authentic faith it will help us to love and care for others. I want to work for the Lord as a missionary. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Prakash (Nepal)

My name is Pawan and I’m happy to be here. I’m thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to know more about Him. I learned many things in these three days of camp. I liked the Bible class very much, and I was inspired by the story of Joseph and it was really encouraging for me. I want to walk with God in every trial like Joseph, and I want to be a child of God. Please pray for my spiritual growth.

Pawan (India)

I thank God for His grace, which He shows in my life through His love and care. Thank you to the LCMI team and counselors for conducting this camp in our area. Before I came to camp, I used to get angry over any small issue and I was the kind of person who desires everything. However, from coming to this camp, I know what the love of God is and what God has done to wash our sins. Therefore, I will commit my life to Jesus and will love everyone how God loves me and I will set my will to the will of God.

Mamta (undisclosed nation)

I want to share my short testimony of what I’ve learned here in these three days of camp. I learned the difference between just saying that you have faith and actual genuine faith. From now on, I will practice genuine faith in my life, which loves and cares. This teaching was a blessing to me.

Sabina (Nepal)

The brothers and sisters who led the camp treated us as their own children, and from them I learned the love of Jesus Christ. I liked the hygiene class, and from that class I learned what our daily routine should be. Please pray for me, thank you.

Sony (Special needs camp - India)

Thanks for conducting a special needs camp like this in our village. As parents, we learned so many things, like how to encourage and treat disabled children. Before I came to this camp, I used to think and worry about my child, but from the Bible class I learned that there is no need to worry about their disabilities and that Jesus will take care of them and they are very special in His sight.

A parent’s testimony (Special needs camp - India)

I learned that all the people in this world may leave you, but the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us, and that is the love of God. His love endures forever.

Shanthi (Special needs camper - India)

My name is Pavan, and I am new to this special needs camp. I have never seen anything like this camp for special needs. I enjoyed it a lot. I forgot all my problems and weaknesses in this camp. I was very encouraged through the Bible class and I learned that we should not be sad about our problems, but we should rejoice in our Lord always. I have participated in all the activities in this camp, and I would like to come next year, also. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Pavan (Special needs camper – India)

My name is Sharath and I regularly attend these camps. Every time it is a blessing to me and the words I listen to in Bible class are encouraging to me. I am very thankful that God has given me this wonderful opportunity to participate in this camp. I enjoyed it so much. This time I learned about Joseph and how God blessed in a turned him from a slave to an emperor. From now on, I want to live like Joseph, believing God in any circumstance. Please pray for my studies. Thank you.

Sharath (Special needs camper – India)

Greetings to you. My name is Isthramma. My and my child are so happy for this camp. So far, I haven’t seen or attended any camp for those with special needs except for this one. It was such a blessing to us. We are very encouraged from the parents training and Bible class. All the activities were good, like having the children do crafts and teaching them about hygiene and games. The LCMI team received us well and we thank them for their love towards people with special needs. Please pray for my family.

Isthramma (Special needs camp – India)

Praise the Lord, I was blessed through this center. I learned so many things from this training. Now I can earn money myself for my family. When I shared my problems with the teachers and pastor, they encouraged me and prayed for me. I came to know about Jesus Christ through our devotions, and it was a blessing to me. Please pray for me.

Meena (CDC, India)

Before I came to this CDC, I didn’t know about Jesus Christ, but after coming here, I know about Him and I learned so many Christian songs. Our teachers spoke many comforting words from the Bible and I really loved it. Please pray for me.

Sriharisha (CDC, India)

Dyla is a single father of a young son. In the closing program of the family camp, Dyla shared that he was much convicted through LCMI’s family camp teachings that, over the years, he has neglected his son. He realized that he needs to make some corrections in his life. He shared that he is going back with a renewed passion to keep his son first after the Lord.

Bro. Dyla (Family Camp, Cambodia)

Sister Malai and her husband minister to about 1,000 precious children in an unpopular region of Cambodia. These children have experienced tragedy, coming from family situations that have been torn apart by sex trafficking. This dear couple has committed themselves to go and share the Gospel with these children every week. Sister Malai was overjoyed when she heard that LCMI could come alongside them to reach these dear children and their parents.

Sis. Malai (Family camp, Cambodia)

I liked this teaching and ministry. I did not see this kind of SNC in my society though I have visited many churches. Other pastors must also think about this kind of ministry. No one ever shared about this kind of vision and ministry, today was the first time I heard it. This teaching really touched my heart and I want to go around to different villages and reach children with these special needs.

Pastor. Khem Raj (Hole in the Church Seminar - Nepal)

Many times I’ve seen these people with special needs and thought of helping them physically and mentally, but I never thought of sharing the Gospel with them. God has spoken strongly through this meeting that the Gospel needs to be preached to them. We are now ready to do this.

Pastor. Ramakrishnan (Hole in the Church Seminar - India)

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful seminar. Here, my husband and I reconciled after a week of separation due to financial issues. Today I forgave him and decided to pray together with him, and we’ve taken an oath to tithe at any cost.

Monisha (Parents Seminar - India)

We have been so blessed by the teachings today, and we’ve made some important decisions. We decided to love and care for each other, especially to forgive each other, and we also decided to pray together as a husband and wife for everything.

Mr. and Mrs. Ranjith (Parents Seminar - India)

Praise the Lord! My children are blessed to come to this camp and I can see a lot of changes in my children’s behavior. They learned so many things here, like new songs and stories. Before I came here, I didn’t know how to raise and train children in God, but here I learned how to raise godly children. From now on, I will train up my children up in God. Thank you. Please pray for me.

(Parents Seminar - India)