About Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country consisting of a central plain surrounded by more mountainous borders. Forests make up over 50% of the land. Nestled alongside Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, Cambodian temperatures are very warm (between 70-104 degrees Fahrenheit).

At about one and a half times the size of Pennsylvania, Cambodia is home to about 16 million people. 96.3% of the population speaks Khmer, the official language. 97.9% of the population practices Buddhism, the official religion, 1.1% of the population consider themselves Muslim, while only about 0.5% of the population profess Christianity. According to the Joshua Project, 99.3% of the population is unreached with the Gospel.

The Cambodian diet typically includes rice or rice noodles, vegetables and fish, beef or pork with a wide variety of flavors and spices.

Even though Cambodia’s economy is growing quickly, it is still one of the poorest countries in Asia. Approximately 24% of Cambodia’s children are underweight and about 16.5% of the population is below the poverty line. Sadly, domestic abuse, human trafficking, and sex trafficking are prevalent in this region.

To ensure safety LCMI conducts family camps in Cambodia with a goal to reach children and their parents simultaneously with the life-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has blessed LCMI with faithful, God-fearing team in Cambodia to conduct these family camps and to carry out follow-up ministry. Please continue to pray that hearts in Cambodia would be opened to His truth!