Covid-19 Second Wave Relief Fund

Covid-19 continues to create havoc in the world and has attributed to so many changes in all our lives since last year. In India, the second wave of Covid-19 is causing devastation and grief among millions of people to catastrophic proportions.

The reports coming out of India have been very painful to see. People are literally dying on the streets, outside hospitals, and in make-shift ambulances and others are wailing in agony from losing their loved ones due to a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen supply and basic healthcare. The already fragile health care system is crumbling, as doctors and medical professionals are spread thin and overworked beyond what words can describe. Most people continue to get crushed under this devastation amidst exuberant medical costs by hospitals and black market dealings for oxygen and vaccines. For more information on what is happening in India, click here.

Various states in India have issued lockdowns and curfews to curb the rise of the second wave of Covid-19. Some reports have said it is “too little, too late”. Nepal has also started lockdowns in certain regions as the cases rise there too, but it is less compared to India’s devastation. Nothing is being done to care for the economic needs of the poor, especially those who depend on daily wages for their survival. Those who have the means have either flown out of the country or have made their own arrangements using their influence and wealth. Some of our LCMI missionaries have also gotten sick with Covid and are recovering slowly by God’s grace. One of our missionaries’ husband went home to be with the Lord, please pray for her and their children. It has been heartbreaking to hear from our team and mobilizers about the struggles of some of our campers and their families due to lack of food and medical care. The need is very great and we expect it to grow exponentially in the months to come, according to the reports and projections.

What is LCMI doing?

LCMI prayerfully feels led by the Lord and is trusting our Jehovah Jireh to provide some basic necessities and help to our LCMI family first (comprising of our campers, missionaries, mobilizers and volunteers) and then to consider others in need. From the surplus the Lord has supplied last year, we have already started sending support to our LCMI family on the ground.

We also want to invite you, the extended LCMI family who feel led by the Lord, to stand with us in this endeavor and help us provide physical bread to our campers' families even as we share about the Living bread. The need is great but greater is our Lord who is sovereignly at work through it all. We do not lose hope, for He reigns and He is our refuge, strength and salvation! Please pray that this pandemic will open the eyes of many to the living Lord Jesus Christ who redeems and walks with us through every valley. To Him alone be all the glory through this project!

A gift of any amount is much appreciated. It will be used for food and medical expenses as needed.

Please specify "Covid-19 Second Wave Relief" in special instructions

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